Connect the Dots and All will be Revealed…

Nupur Saxena   CONSULTING Director

Nupur Saxena

‘Think global, act local’ is the mantra that best describes my perspective on the world.   It is a way of life that encapsulates the diversity of cultures, communities and collaboration that can open up limitless opportunities.  This is the most valuable lesson I have learnt to date, and nowhere is it more personified than in the world of business.

Having lived and worked in a variety of countries on different continents, one learns to adapt to the local ways of working by immersing into the culture, learning the language and embracing the diversity.  In my experience, applying this approach to any ‘new’ territory you are trying to conquer or a situation you are faced with - will broaden your outlook.  You begin to appreciate the positive tension and balance between: objectives and challenges, creative and analytical, visual and auditory, the right-brain from the left-brain thinkers – all different like me.

Remember as a child when we were given a connect the dots book, the anticipation you felt as you drew the lines, squinting to see the big picture … that is the essence of our Through the Lens approach.  The insight that you obtain by connecting the brand, retail, and customer experience dots - bring your business to life.

So Where to Start? 


And What are the Strategic Dots to Connect?



In three easy steps:

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