The Art of Seduction

We are only days away from two of the biggest retail dates in the calendar … Black Friday and Cyber Monday which broke record sales of £4.3bn (+62%)* in 2015.  And whether you are willing to brave the high street, click online, or use your mobile -  the lightning deals, shopping bonanzas and deep discounts will thrill shoppers and retailers alike.  Yet does the sales frenzy satisfy long-term needs or fall short of building lasting loyalty?

The festive season offers lucrative opportunities to develop enduring relationships with prospective customers through memorable experiences.  However, one will need to be brave enough to go beyond the conversion of browsing into buying. Even though 70% of transactional decisions are made at the point of purchase, short-term tactics such as pricing, promotions and point-of-sale materials do not necessarily grow into sustainable brand commitment.  And like any relationship, winning hearts and minds requires authenticity, creativity, engagement and genuine passion for … your brand, but more importantly for your soon-to-be customer.

The traditional start point would be to go back to the basics and respond to the 5Ws:
WHO to target?  WHAT to say?  WHERE to say it?  HOW to say it?  WHEN to say it?

However, the path to purchase is no longer linear.  Today’s customer journey is far more complex with the many Omni-channel touchpoints, where audiences have the occasion to interact and get to know your brand 24/7.  And let’s not underestimate the reach and influence that these ‘always-on’ channels deliver:  from initial contact, to dialogue and engagement which ultimately entice us into long-term advocacy (or not, as the case may be).  Mapping out the ‘moments of truths’ and ‘micro-moments’ 2 of a customer journey can offer hundreds of real-time, intent-driven profitable opportunities.  

The ‘sweet spot’ lies in a subtle shift of emphasis from a functional brand focus to an evocative customer-centric focus in 5 ways:

1.    Consumer Mindset to Customer Mindset:  Make a clear distinction between who will interact with the brand and who will actually purchase it.  They may or may not be the same.

2.    Brand Features to Customer Results:  Brand features highlight what the product/service is about, but the results enable the audience to imagine themselves reaping the rewards through what the brand can accomplish by making the purchase.  

3.    Brand Activation to Customer Touchpoints:  Driving brand awareness through PR, marketing and events can tap into consumer passion, but identifying the ever multiplying touchpoints can isolate the specific brand engagement by time, location and purpose.

4.    Brand Planning to Customer Journey Mapping:  Developing the brand strategy in alignment to your overall business objectives will bring your brands to life, but mapping out the entire journey lets you experience the brand through the eyes of the customer and understand the barriers and triggers to purchase.

5.    Brand Love to Customer Experience:  The emotional connection a brand inspires can lead to desire, respect, and a bond, but this may be achieved with or without even having experienced it.  Ultimately customer experience delivers on the prospective actually committing to purchasing the brand at least once. Then the overall experience will determine whether the customer is willing to get into a long-term, loyal relationship. 

The Challenge: Global brand-centric business sought to win retailers and shoppers.

The Strategy: Evaluated shopper barriers and triggers for travel retail and digital touch points, engaged retail partners for insight and alignment, developed strategic shopper marketing framework and digital portal with 12 key best practices based on will & skill. 

The Impact:  Brought strategies to life with retail partners & shoppers in 20 markets, embedded customer-centric capability via tools & training for 25% top line growth.

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