Throw Away the Vision Board...

vision board.jpg

Throw away the Vision Board. 

Nearly the end of January and you have given up on the resolutions. If going to the gym, counting calories, and goal setting have already become a burden – then stop. 

But if you can imagine what it would feel like having already achieved them, then read on…

In business, having a vision is essential.

Yet so often it seems to be so far from reality. Despite having 20/20 visions on office walls, only 30% employees can recite them. So how do you bring a vision to life?

1. Start with what success looks like ie. Lots of happy customers. Ask yourself what’s the customer benefit? Why should they buy your product? Steve Jobs once said “We came up with strategy and vision for Apple - it started with: ‘What incredible benefits can we give the customer?’ vs. ‘Let’s sit down with the engineers, figure out what awesome technology we have and then figure out how to market that.'”

2. Act on your goals. Having a vision on its own is not going to turn it into reality. Action will. Create a plan. Track your journey. Celebrate the milestones. Unlock the potential.

3. Mobilise your team towards the vision. Build momentum to get you there faster.

What will make your vision a reality?