The Big Retail Pitch: How to Get Your Brand Listed


Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned corporate executive, getting your brand onto retail shelves is the lifeblood for a B2B business to drive purchase. It, along with the target customer determine whether your brand lives or dies. And despite the hot summer, when retailers saw spikes in sales, people today are feeling the pinch according to Fraser McKevitt from Kantar WorldPanel: “Consumers may not feel like they have more money in their pockets – Grocery inflation has now reached 2.0%, adding £1.64 to each household’s weekly shopping bill. At the current rate, these price increases add up to an extra £85 per home annually.”

As shoppers become more discerning on where and how they spend, retailers have to work even harder to draw them in. Having met with all the top grocers over the last few months, it is clear that competition is rife, differentiation is key, and the pressure is on. So as we head into trade engagement discussions over the coming weeks, it is vital to address the following salient questions:

· What are they looking for?

· Is your joint business plan (JBP) bespoke?

· Is it grounded in insight and actionable?

· Is it go-to-market ready?

· What would help the retailer help you?

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Here’s Our Top 10 Tips on How to Get your Brand Listed:

  1. Drive Accountability – Create cross-functional business units that bring a wide range of skills and experience together.  Align KPIs, roles and responsibilities for shared accountability.

  2. Tailor your Plan Insight Out – Differentiation is key. Retailers want more than brand activation. Deliver a bespoke plan based on their customer insight to give them a competitive edge.

  3. Get to know the Shopper – Consumers and shoppers are not always the same. Get to know both and identify the barriers and triggers to purchase.  Tailor the plan by retailer shopper type.

  4. Contact Matrix – Beyond the sales team, identify and engage different points of contact across their organisation to generate new opportunities and build strong relationships.

  5. Corporate Alignment:  It may seem obvious but understanding retailer priorities can help you align your objectives to form a strategic alliance when targeting the promiscuous shopper.

  6. Danger of Duplication - Don’t just sell products that are easy for you to produce vs shopper needs. To quote a senior buyer: ‘If the brand won’t deliver, we will develop it ourselves.’

  7. Speak the same Category Language - Arm the buyer with insight on the whole category and your role in it, which will open up a new objective dialogue beyond margin and will build trust.

  8. Tell a Story – No one wants a 200-page power point presentation or excel data spreadsheets.  Deliver a compelling category story grounded in insight with the ‘so what?’ factor to standout.

  9. In it for the Long Haul – Create a long-term strategy to demonstrate category commitment and investment that will stand up to the test of time.

  10. Track the Plan & Measure ROI – Was the plan successful? Put the right measures into place to monitor progress for insight, innovation, transparency and return on investment.

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