Every Brand has a Powerful Story ... Time to Share Yours


The key to any successful business lies in finding and knowing your audience, but even more crucial is connecting with them. Take Millennials, for example, they are all but infamous for the ways in which their habits are disrupting the food industry.  From their supposed love of avocado toast to their reported shunning of mayonnaise, that group is no stranger to having its shopping choices scrutinised. There is however, something new that millennials are genuinely doing in regard to their purchasing choices that are making real ripples in the world; demanding an emotional connection. 

Now, saying that humans long for an emotional connection may seem obvious.  Yet the need for emotion is key for tapping into consumer behaviours.  If you want to standout in the market place then building a connection, authenticity, along with a stellar product are essential in a recipe for success.


One of the best examples of a company finding emotional resonance is Dutch chocolate maker Tony's Chocolonely. A few years ago, I kept hearing about the brand from my Dutch friends and family as everyone seemed to know their story and their mission against ending child slavery. I had to try it for myself. Not only does the brand have great standout on shelf, quality chocolate, weird and wonderful flavours, but above all it shares its values and mission that its audience buys into:

Even the feedback on YouTube highlights that people want a quality product with a vision and mission that ‘sealed the deal’ for them:


The fact is, that there are more options for buying goods and services today than ever before in human history. The reason that companies like Tony's Chocolonely are doing so well, stems from the clear emotional connection that they have made with their customers.  If you’re a chocolate aficionado, then good news because Tony’s is coming to the UK in 2019, and as they say in the Netherlands 'Eet Smakelijk!" tonyschocolonely.com/gb/en


Finding a set of goals that emotionally connect with your target audience and putting them out into the world can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know where to start. Authenticity must be at the heart of your brand. Thankfully the United Nations has come up with a list of 17 goals that may provide some inspiration of goals you may already be connected to:

Goal #1: No Poverty

Goal #2: Zero Hunger

Goal #3: Good Health and Well Being

Goal #4: Quality Education

Goal #5: Gender Equality

Goal #6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Goal #7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Goal #8: Decent work and Economic Growth

Goal #9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Goal #10: Reduced Inequalities

Goal #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Goal #12: Responsible Production and Consumption

Goal #13: Climate Action

Goal #14: Life Below Water

Goal #15: Life on Land

Goal #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Goal #17: Partnerships for the Goals

(More in-depth information about each is available on the U.N’s official website)

As you can see, these goals are wide-ranging that make it easy to find one that resonates or share the 'aha' moment or mission at the heart of your business. To be successful and authentic is to know one’s audience.  If your vision aligns with your consumers, then you have successfully connected with them on a personal level. According to a study by Bonfire Marketing, 91% of customers value honesty from the companies which they buy goods and services from.

The fact is, that you can have a wonderful product that does not get its recognition because it never connected to an audience.  Or you can have a great connection that ultimately flounders because your product is not good enough. Once you have made a connection, it opens the door to a fruitful relationship and long-term loyalty.

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