'Tis the Season to Bring Brands to Life



‘Make a customer, not a sale’ with a week to go until the big day and brands spending around £6.4bn on Christmas campaigns, have any of them really influenced your purchasing behaviour?

Despite tugging on our heartstrings, driving brand awareness and sharing seasonal greetings – how many of them connected with us on a personal level to ensure that they may be a brand that facilitates certain holiday rituals.

This year Tesco hosted a Christmas event for vegans called Vegmas. For £15, diners could enjoy a five-course meal curated by Tesco's own label. It sold out quickly, as 20% of people aged 18-34 are planning on making vegan dishes this Christmas.

Ferrero Rocher transformed a two-story building into a multi-sensory tasting experience that included chocolate inspired drinks, a 360° tasting experience with souvenir photos.


- Pop-up shops

- Non-transactional experiences

- Bespoke events and offers

… Are just some of the customer experiences that are bringing brands to life beyond sales transactions, so that they can go from surviving to thriving this holiday season.