11 Times Around the Sun to Goal 5


“Women work 70% of the world’s working hours, yet only earn 10% of the world’s income.”     

- United Nations


The UN has laid out 17 sustainable goals that if reached by 2030, will positively impact the world.  Today we focus on Goal 5 - Gender Equality:

- In the UK, only 25% of employees at the top companies are women

- Female CEOs: 10% in Consumer, 5% in Technology, 0% in the Energy sector

- The higher the salary, the fewer the women

- Forbes Top 10 richest people list - no women

In addition to juggling work/home responsibilities there are currently 1.2 million women in higher education as opposed to 992K of men. A positive step, and a hopeful rise to equality going forward.  

We can learn from Scandinavian countries like Norway, where 39% of boardrooms are led by women, qualified women.  Let’s work together to achieve Goal 5 by 2030: