Will your Brand be chosen in a Split Second?
Let us Show You How…


Today’s most successful brands are the ones who have recognised the difference between the browser mindset and the buyer mindset. A browser may be inspired and even desire a brand, but it is the buyer who ultimately decides on the purchase ... often in a split second.

We believe that the overall customer experience determines whether the brand has won loyalty and advocacy. 90% of brand owners agree and say that a positive experience is critical to their success, a factor that will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020.


How to Convert Browsers into Buyers…

Our unparalleled Through the Lens approach integrates the brand, retailer and customer experience perspectives, so that the strategy & call to action become clear. For brands & retailers to truly influence the prospective buyer, they must start with the end in mind – the customer experience.  By understanding the barriers and triggers to purchase at different touch points on the customer journey, one is able to see things through the customer lens with greater insight & influence. We connect the dots to drive incremental profit:

BRAND - To translate customer insight into innovation & commercial value

RETAIL - To build lucrative partnerships & generate spend

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - To drive purchase & stand out