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Welcome to the Impact Playbook™ is a collection of curated success stories that bring purpose-led transformations to life. From innovative start-ups to industry pioneers, these case studies highlight how organisations are making a positive impact on people, planet, and profit.

Unlock Inspiration

Discover inspiring examples of businesses that successfully scale profit with purpose for people and planet™. 

Explore Diverse Paths to IMPACT

Explore a diverse range of industries, sectors, and geographies represented in our Impact Playbook™. From sustainability initiatives to community engagement projects, each story offers valuable insight that can inform and inspire your own IMPACT journey.

Celebrate Achievements

Celebrate the organisations that are making a positive difference in the world. From social enterprises to corporate sustainability initiatives, these stories highlight the positive contributions that businesses can make when they prioritise purpose with profit.

Join the Movement

Be part of the movement towards a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future. Whether you’re a business leader, entrepreneur, or game changer, the Impact Playbook™ offers a wealth of inspiration and practical guidance to help you unlock your organisation’s full potential.

Start Your IMPACT Journey

Ready to embark on your own impact journey? The start by 

Why Choose Us?

At Split Second, we are passionate about empowering organisations to thrive in the rapidly changing business landscape. Our expertise in category, brand, and commercial strategy, ESG and sustainability, and transformative leadership deliver tangible results. By partnering with us, you can harness the power to Scale Profit with Purpose for People and Planet™ – Powered by the United Nation’s Sustainable Develop Goals.

Invest in Your Future

We understand that every organisation is unique, with its own set of goals and challenges, that is why we will work closely with you to ensure we deliver the most suitable package for your business.

Take the first step towards a purpose-driven future. Contact us today to schedule an IMPACT Consultation™ and explore how our IMPACT Incubator™ can transform your business, creating a profitable and sustainable future for people and planet.

Score Your IMPACT and join us on the mission to Scale Profit with Purpose for People and the Planet™.

Delve into The IMPACT Diaries™

Delve into our blog for some valuable insight, thought-provoking content, and practical tips. Explore our articles, gain fresh perspectives from industry experts, and discover actionable strategies to Scale Profit with Purpose for People and Planet™.

Join our IMPACT Growth Squad™ of purpose-led business leaders, united as a force for good to make a positive IMPACT in the world.

Be Part of the Solution. Start an IMPACT Revolution™.
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