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Advance SDG 14 through Purpose-Led Innovation

Recently, the media captured our attention with the mysteries of the ocean. With so many narratives, one couldn’t help but ponder the stark reality that we know more about space than the depths of our own oceans. Despite oceans covering 71% of our planet, only 5% has been explored. Astonishingly, a mere 0.05% of the ocean has been mapped, leaving much of its mysteries uncharted.

Yet, amidst this vast unknown, there are businesses leading breakthrough innovations to deliver on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14: Life Below Water – to conserve oceans and sustainably use marine resources to achieve key targets.

The Importance of SDG 14

SDG 14 encompasses a wide range of objectives to protect and preserve life below water. From reducing marine pollution and addressing ocean acidification to conserving coastal areas and enhancing scientific knowledge, SDG 14 plays a crucial role in ensuring the health and sustainability of our oceans.

Purpose-Led Businesses Advancing SDG 14

Some brands are at the forefront of driving breakthrough innovation to protect and preserve life below water. Finisterre and Pursuit the Label stand out for their dedication to sustainable practices and ethical sourcing in their outdoor apparel and swimwear production.

These purpose-led businesses actively advance SDG 14 through their commitment to sustainable materials and initiatives:

Prioritising Recycled Materials: Finisterre and Pursuit the Label prioritise the use of recycled materials in their products. 

Supporting Beach Clean-ups: Both brands actively participate in beach clean-up initiatives, engaging their communities to remove marine debris and promote a cleaner coastline. Through these efforts, they contribute to reducing marine pollution and protecting marine ecosystems.

Fabric Made from Ocean Waste: Pursuit the Label go a step further by using fabrics made from ocean waste. By using fabrics, transformed from discarded fish nets and plastic pollution into functional textiles, they promote circularity and contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources. They also reduce waste and prevent further pollution of our oceans.

Delivering a Sustainable Future

Advancing SDG 14 ensures healthy oceans, thriving marine life, and sustainable benefits for all. It is not only an environmental imperative but also an economic and social opportunity. By protecting and preserving life below water, we can secure livelihoods for coastal communities, support biodiversity, and safeguard the future of our planet.

As we reflect on the mysteries of the ocean, let us also recognise the urgency of protecting and preserving its delicate ecosystems for generations to come.

Be Part of the Solution. Start an IMPACT Revolution™.

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